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Total Solutions for Immigration and Embassies Matters

We provide full ranging solutions for all matters related to immigration and embassies. Our team is consistently updated with all immigration and permit related news and development. Once you sign up with us, you can just sit back and relax as we will handle every ends of the process and ensure that all required approvals and permits are obtained from the relevant authorities.

Recruitment of Qualified and Skill Workers

We have a huge database of IPEC certified workers from all over the world for many industries. Our sources are mainly from Bangladesh, the Philippines, India and Indonesia for specific industries. You name it, we have it. You can count on us to ensure that your manpower needs for your expansion plan goes unhindered.

House Maids Provider

On the home fronts, we supply a wide selection of trained maids from Indonesia and the Philippines for our customers’ needs. Rest assure that the candidates are experienced and trained to ensure quality care for your home.

About Us

World-Manpower is a premier employment agency established in 2010. We have a proven track record in providing workforce solutions for Malaysian companies for about 12 years. Our clients are wide-ranging: manufacturing, agriculture, constructions as well as the service industries. We provide skilled and unskilled workforce from the Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

The demand for skilled workforce is insatiable. In response, World-Manpower aims to help potential employees to gain employment in prospective companies as skilled workforce through obtaining IPEC certificate since 2019.

The IPEC certificates are issued by the IPEC Bureau, which is fully accredited by MITI. It is globally recognised as the pioneer certification of persons that focuses on a wide range of human capital development for elites, professionals, experts as well as skilled workers.

Candidates who engage us will be provided with the chance to gain employment in the industries they aspired. In order to do that, our candidates will have their skills examined at a 'Training and Examinations Provider' (TEP) accredited by IPEC. The methodologies employed in the certification process are uniquely developed and its competency is examinable and measureable, not to mention credible. All candidates, after obtaining the IPEC certificate, will have the opportunity to work overseas as sustainable and viable skilled workforce in a range of industries.

World-Manpower has an extensive database of highly-skilled workers and has successfully connecting them with clients from all over the world. For candidates seeking employment opportunities abroad, World-Manpower is your ultimate choice. With the IPEC certificate, the candidates will have the opportunity to work with our clients from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan as well as our closest neighbour, Singapore.


To become the world leader in providing skilled human capital globally


Connecting skilled workforce with prospective companies to achieve mutual benefits for all parties

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